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Left+Right is a strategy, creative and development company that specializes in creating digital experiences that produce results. We combine modern technology and great ideas to help move brands forward.

Meet the Leadership Team

Left+Right is a full service strategy, creative and development company that combines creativity and modern technology to solve today's complex business problems. The name "Left+Right", refers to the two hemispheres of the brain: the left being logical and analytical, and the right being creative and artistic. In other words, we tackle our clients' problems with creative insight and emerging technology.

We are a team of experienced web designers, web developers, software engineers, and business strategists. We've worked for small businesses, international enterprises, ad agencies, political campaigns, and non-profit organizations. And we've won awards doing it.

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For many of our clients, we build websites, but that's just the beginning. Today's business climate requires more. An online presence is required, but even if your website is just a few years old, it's probably already dated and getting behind your competition. Websites must scale to more screen sizes than ever. You have to be found on a plethora of search engines and social media websites. And in the end, your website needs to convert your website visitor into a customer, donor, or client. At Left+Right, we pride ourselves on focusing, not just on building a pretty website or web application, but providing a business-focused solution that will increase your bottom line.

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