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Kim Cottrell

Kim Cottrell

Web Developer

Kim's passion for web development began at a very young age. Massively addicted to video games, she taught herself Photoshop, HTML and CSS so she could build fan sites for various video game characters at age 12. She stuck with her hobby throughout her teenage years, frequenting tutorial websites and web development forums. A few years after her high school graduation, she was hired by a web development company as an intern at age 19 and has been in the industry ever since.

Kim has expanded far beyond her initial skill set at age 12. She now develops backend administration systems with PHP and Ruby on Rails. She frequently works with WordPress and ExpressionEngine, expanding on their base functionalities as well as developing themes. In 2011, she obtained her MySQL Developer certification and in 2012, she obtained Part 1 of her MySQL DBA Certification.

Kim always does her best to help out the team, whether further investing her time on a pre-existing skill or learning something new. A web developer for L+R since September 2013, Kim has worked with many of our clients, including Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Red Thinking and Boston Scholar Athletes.

Nowadays, Kim lives in the Japantown part of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, working with us from the other side of the globe. In Vietnam, she helps her boyfriend with his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy, mostly on the website side of things since she is currently a blue belt. She's also learning Japanese, but still enjoys playing video games from time to time.

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