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Thomas Brewer

Thomas Brewer

Partner/Development Director

Thomas is a software engineer, partner and co-founder of L+R and finds great satisfaction in creating websites and web applications that match or exceed our clients' expectations. Although Thomas has always had a deep understanding and love for technology, he holds a degree in Music Education and began his career teaching music in public schools. When the need for a website for students to register for marching band arose, Thomas jumped at the opportunity to build it. He began learning and mastering PHP, Apache and MySQL in 24 hours' time and over the years, he has expanded his experience and knowledge with many programming languages, frameworks and practices.

Thomas is proficient in HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, Objective-C, and CoffeeScript. He has framework expertise in Rails, Ember, Padrino, Sinatra, Laravel and Kohana. Aside from being a full stack web developer, Thomas is considered an ExpressionEngine expert and has worked on more than 40 ExpressionEngine websites and built more than 25 custom add-ons. Thomas has experience building websites for a variety of clients, including Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Merck, Business Roundtable, API (American Petroleum Institute) and Anthem.

Valued for his programming and troubleshooting skills, Thomas also has strong technology integration skills and is always thinking of new and creative ways to solve problems.

When he's not solving technological problems or building websites, Thomas can usually be found outdoors, either camping or working on his primitive survival skills (in his backyard).

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