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BEST Instruments Web Application

A digital personality assessment for employees and managers

BEST Instruments has provided top-notch Assessment and Training Tools for over 13 years. To date, this product has been a paper transaction. BEST asked Left+Right to bring their personality assessment tools online and into the modern age. Our goals were to develop a user-interface that was user-friendly, would be familiar to existing BEST users, and work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices.


Brand Updates

The brand update was made with a few goals in mind. First, we wanted to develop a guide for color pallets, fonts, icons and various brand elements. This would help improve consistency across marketing materials, social media and the web application regardless of which team member is working with the brand. The consistency in the branding also allows BEST to present a more professional look, that their users can recognize quickly. In addition to the color pallet and fonts, Left+Right also designed a custom icon for BEST using the faces element that had been used in the past.


Responsive User Interface

Responsive web applications allow users to enjoy the same user-experience on their mobile device that they already enjoy on their desktop. While mobile screens seem to be getting bigger each year, they are still relatively compact. This forces us to think and design in the simplest way. To accomplish a user-friendly interface on such a small device, we focus the attention on the most important content first, with calls-to-action and links to where you need to go. Then we hide any unnecessary content and make navigation menus readily available.


Web Application Design and User Interface

The BEST Web Application's user-interface was designed for multiple users including Participants, Assessors and Administrators who have different objectives within the same interface. The UI was designed for each of these users to easily access the most important information first. Participants can log in, select from their in-progress assessments to complete or review the results. Admins have custom tools and a clear breakdown of assessment scores. Since this interface was designed to be responsive and operate on multiple devices, much of the interface was designed using flat UI concepts for faster loading, and less bandwidth.

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