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Geico Countdown Generator

Left+Right brings the interactive Countdown Generator for Geico® to the web

Geico is well known for their memorable and off-the-wall ads created by The Martin Agency. You may have seen one of their latest TV spots, which features the band Europe singing their hit "The Final Countdown" while someone waits for a microwave to finish cooking their lunch. To go along with the ad, Geico wanted to create a web application that would encourage everyone to create a countdown with Europe singing along. Working under the direction of The Martin Agency, we built a responsive web application that accompanied the ads.

One app. All devices.

It was imperative to Geico that the Countdown Generator work on all modern browsers and devices. We accepted the challenge by creating a responsive application using Ruby on Rails on the back-end and AngularJS on the front. This unique system allows anyone to go through a quick setup process, and generate a countdown for any event without needing to sign up or download an app.


Responsive Mobile Video with a Transparent Background

Another challenge of this application was getting Europe's song to play on all browsers and devices. The concept also called for the video to be overlaid on a background selected by the user. Since transparent videos aren't prevalent online and can't be displayed on most mobile browsers, we used a traditional video clip for desktop browsers and swapped out an animated PNG sprite for cell phones.


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