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Pre-qualification App for Islamic Home Finance

According to Islamic law, financial transactions must be fair and risk must be shared equally between both parties.  An imbalance, or "Riba" is prohibited in Islam, as money created above the amount of a loan such as interest can lead to societal imbalance and perpetuate income inequality. As a result, many Muslim American's didn't have a pathway to homeownership in the United States without a conflict of faith.
To resolve this, Guidance Residential created the Declining Balance Co-ownership Program. This system is a modern solution to an ancient problem and helps Muslim Americans enjoy home ownership without sacrificing their values.
We were happy to help Guidance redesign their Online Pre-qualification application to allow homeowners to start this process with ease.


Planning the User Experience

We thoroughly reviewed their existing online application and identified areas where users were slowing down or getting stuck completely. This information helped us plan a new streamlined user experience.

Responsive Design

No website or web application should be limited to certain screen sizes. Before any code was re-written, we drafted a look for desktop, tablet and mobile experiences. This allowed our team and the internal Guidance Residential team to get a feel for the full process from beginning to end on all devices.


Collaboration with the Guidance Team

Guidance Residential has an exceptional internal IT and Marketing team. For this project, we worked to supplement their existing staff and expedite the launch of their new Pre-qualification Application. Our team partnered directly with their Director of Software Engineering to ensure that everything worked to their specifications. The final front-end code was delivered to Guidance for implementation while our team helped with QA and final review of the live application.

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