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Hispanic Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Scholarship Funds online experience was rebuilt with our help

HSF needed a new web presence to fully represent their organization, and it had to utilize a solid content management system for easy updates. It also had to be responsive to all screen sizes and devices, and work on older browsers. Going beyond a simple information sharing brochure site, it had to be easily scalable and work seamlessly with a multitude of new online systems like MyHSF and a custom donation application (both of which we were also hired to create).


Connecting with Multiple Audiences

HSF needed one site that easily communicated different messages to distinct audiences: students, parents, scholarship recipients, and HSF Alumni (previous scholarship recipients who have completed their college degrees). Each group is seeking different information and has unique needs. Left+Right created a fresh design that leans towards the younger audience, but still connects well with all target groups. We took the existing HSF brand standards and expanded them by adding a few new colors and fonts, giving them a more modern look.



Responsive Design

Visitors to use a multitude of devices running different browsers and operating systems with endless screen sizes. The experience had to work for everyone. Left+Right created a custom design with various break-points using the Bootstrap framework as a starting point, so the site scales automatically to any screen size. It's also compatible with browsers all the way back to Internet Explorer 7.

Easy Updates with ExpressionEngine

HSF's previous website had a Content Management System, but it wasn't intuitive and was so difficult to use, it was rarely changed. The new site needed to be easy to update and hold thousands of pages of information ranging from scholarship listings to staff biographies.


Bilingual Organization– Bilingual Website

Naturally, HSF operates in English and Spanish, so the website had to easily accommodate content in both languages. Left+Right utilized the Transcribe plug-in for ExpressionEngine, but for a site of this size it required us to get a little creative to solve some of the issues we ran into.


Other HSF Projects

HSF is a large and vibrant non-profit that has been modernizing their systems over the past few years, to help them provide more to their scholars, students, alumni, and donors. We provided design and development services on many other systems for HSF:



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