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Kindergarten Readiness App

The Children's Museum of Richmond was created in 1977 to help children learn through play. Beyond teaching children, the museum has also become a hub of education for parents. As part of this initiative, CMoR asked Left+Right to help them build a mobile app for parents of pre-kindergarten children. This app would serve to reassure parents that their child is ready to start kindergarten, and if they need help in specific areas, give them tips on how to improve.


Planning and User Experience

The Kindergarten Quiz is the brainchild of Liz Pearce, Director of Parent Engagement. The Left+Right team worked closely with Liz and the staff at the Children's Museum to assure their vision was upheld in the final product. They developed a list of 24 questions and grouped them into 7 different categories. Each question was given a description of why it's important, and 2 activities to help the child if they struggle with that skill. We used these details to plan the user flow through the quiz.


Seamless Branding

The Children's Museum of Richmond has a proud history and is well-regarded throughout the country for its groundbreaking innovation. The new app had to uphold their strict brand standards, and become a seamless part of CMoR brand. Our design team worked within the graphic standards to assure all stages of the app were uniquely CMoR.




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