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Website redesign for a leading reverse mortgage lender

Live Well Financial is a traditional and reverse mortgage lender that has helped thousands with their retirement mortgage planning. As one of the largest reverse mortgage lenders in the nation, they knew they needed a new website to better showcase their range of services, educate consumers, and elevate their brand image.

Lw Org Before

Total Design Overhaul was one large landing page when we started this project. It had a large form on the right side of almost every page which ate up a ton of screen space. That’s great for those who know all about reverse mortgages and are ready to get in touch. For everyone else, we wanted to focus on education and a glance at what life could be like. The new design uses large images of beautiful landscapes and seniors enjoying their golden years to help visitors imagine the possibilities. Chunks of educational content are spread out and visualized throughout the site.   

Lw Port8
Lw Port1

Spruced Up Content

Live Well’s old website had good content, but it wasn’t well organized or easy to find. We knew the new design needed to make the information more accessible on all devices and it also needed to give more details on reverse mortgages in general. We provided a list of general questions for the Live Well marketing team that helped them produce a new FAQs section. We also reviewed the process and created an infographic to help everyone better understand the process at a glance.

Lw Port3

Revamped Qualification Form

Live Well already had a 6-step form that pre-qualifies visitors for a reverse mortgage and feeds leads to the sales team through Salesforce, but the design needed a refresh to match the new look of the site. We gave the form a cleaner look that inspires more action.

Lw Mockup

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