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Rent Llama

Start-up Naming, Brand Development and UI/UX Design

You can make money renting your house, extra room or even your couch on AirBnB. You can make money renting your car on Turo. Why can't you make money renting your extra stuff? Now you can. Meet Rent Llama - a sharing economy brand dreamed up by Left+Right.

Naming a Start-up

This start-up had a great business model ("The AirBnB of stuff"), but no name. Our brainstorming created a massive list of name options - both good and bad. Through further discussion and debate we narrowed the list to 3 options: Rent Stream, Gear Split and Rent Llama. We took our favorites to the public with a survey and further explored the pros and cons of each one. Through this process we landed on the final name: Rent Llama.

This name is inspired by the success of other start-ups like Mail Chimp and Task Rabbit. It’s everything we wanted it to be - friendly, easy to remember and most importantly, sharable. It also helped that the domain was available. 

Rent Llama Branding & Logo Design

After the name was finalized, we reviewed other logos and animal illustrations. Taking the name and basic feedback, our Creative Director, Trent, went to work crafting a new logo. He presented 3 very different visual directions.

When creating logos, it’s rare to get a unanimous group verdict, but this time was different. Everyone loved the llama in the cool sunglasses. Taking that direction, Trent further refined the icon, typography and colors to give us a basic brand guide.

Port Rl Branding1
Port Rl Branding2
Rl Business Cards Edges Update

Some Early Logo Exploration Concepts

Port Rl Branding Concepts 02

Mobile User Interface & User Experience

At Left+Right, we prefer a design-first approach to software development. We created static mock-ups of the main desktop and mobile views of the application to help finalize the look we wanted and the features we needed.

Port Rl Mobile
Port Rl Web App1
Port Rl Web App2
Port Rl Web App3

Rent Llama is Llive:


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