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HSF: Text-2-Pledge

Making it as simple as possible for event attendees to give with their mobile device.

Quick & Easy Pledging

HSF uses event displays and printed signage to encourage users to make a pledge by text message. The system asks for a few quick bits of information and the pledge is complete. The final text message the user receives is a link to the donation system where they can complete their donation immediately.



Twilio & Rails

Behind the scenes, we made use of the Twilio API for the text message interaction, and tied everything together with Ruby on Rails.

Competition Makes it Interactive

Real-time pledge data is streamed to a website which is displayed on the event's big screen. When everyone can see the progress of the goal (and their own names on the big screen), donors give more.



Tracking & Receiving Pledges

A pledge isn't worth much until the actual donation is received. We built a custom panel into the HSF Dashboard so HSF staff could easily track who had completed their donation and who still needs to pay up. They can also send a text message or email to donors of unpaid pledges to make sure they don't forget.


EmberJS Padrino Restful API API Integration MySQL Telephony

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