why we get up in the morning

Do the right thing

  • When there is a choice between doing the right thing and doing the easy thing, we always choose the right thing
  • Always tell the truth (to colleagues as well as clients) – even if it hurts or is tough on the bottom line
  • Choose work that makes the world a better place

Do work that is meaningful

  • We are dedicated to making sure that no person on the Left+Right team is doing work on a regular basis that makes them feel tired or sick
  • Our success is a reflection of our happiness
  • We will only be successful when each of us is doing work that is inline with our individual zone of genius

Don’t do work that is doomed

  • Every opportunity must qualify as viable before we commit
  • If the viability of a specific opportunity is unknown then the client must agree to a paid discovery phase
  • If our guts tell us that a prospective client is not the right project partner – then we do not move forward with that prospective client (no matter the money or circumstance)

Hire the right people

  • We are dedicated to our employees and contractors, they are a reflection of – 1.) who we are 2.) our values 3.) the expectation we have for our work
  • We only hire people that we get along with, are down-to-earth, open minded, and willing to check their ego at the door in order to make big things happen
  • We only hire when we feel the burn of absolute necessity for a new person or skill set

Listen more talk less

  • Success is highly dependent on listening intently to the needs of our clients
  • The success of our technology solutions are dependent on listening intently to the experiences and expectations of all prospective end users
  • Left + Right shall have an endless friendly competition of “who can be the best listener”

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