We love to build products that are built to last. That being said, even with solid engineering, applications need love.

The more an application is used, the more we learn what can be improved. No matter how well an application is built there are always aspects to maintain.

The more an application is used, the more we learn what can be improved.

 No matter how perfectly an application is developed there are always going to be bugs. This is the nature of anything that is being used by different people in different environments. It is also the case that technology is almost always dependent on third party forces (whether API integrations or infrastructure updates).

Sustaining the highest standard experience for all end-users requires regular maintenance.

As a the utilization of a software product grows there are critical aspects of the user experience that must mature as well. Maintaining software is not just about scaling resources. Stakeholders must constantly be considering feedback from a quorum of end-users. With a strong feedback loop from end-users, a platform can stay relevant and prevent downtime.


  • System audits
  • Security Audits
  • API updates
  • Feature Rollouts
  • Bug Fixes
  • System updates
  • Refactoring services
  • Maintenance Plans

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