Every person on the Left + Right team has been in the shoes of the entrepreneur. Our strategy approach starts with “why”.

We want to help your project stay on track every step of the way. As your strategy team, we help you think through all of the implications, including investment strategy, scaling issues, bootstrapping, customer discovery, and more.

Are you pursuing venture funding (Seed-B-round)? If so, we can help.

We help early-stage companies raise money quickly so they can get back to driving the bottom line. We don’t preach about how you need an investment deck or a financial model; we work with you to optimize the company story and build your investment materials to suit. We can help coach you through the investment pitch and make introductions, as well.

Business development runs the gamut, from strategic partnerships to building sales teams.

The L+R team is well versed in helping early-stage companies implement the “right” strategies for business building. Whether you are in the process of shipping a multi-tenant SaaS, a highly customized enterprise solution or going direct to consumer with a product or service, we can help.

Too often the excitement of making an idea reality overrules the practical opportunity to make sure people need the application in the first place.

A Jobs-To-Be-Done approach to make sure we are building the right product for the right end-user. Developed at Harvard University by Clayton Christensen, the Jobs-To-Be-Done approach allows us to explore (in great detail) how users are currently solving a problem.

Are the prospective users of a new product unhappy with the way they solve the problem?

Do they know they have a problem to solve? If the optimal solution was to be built to solve the problem, would it look familiar to the end user? How diverse and scalable is the market for a product? Working closely with our clients, we develop a clear understanding of “why” we are building the solution. With these insights, we move to the next step – design.



  • Holistic strategic planning
  • Business development
  • Investment strategy
  • Financial modeling and projections
  • Investment material creation (pitch deck, executive summary, etc)
  • Resource decisions making (legal, HR, and tech outsourcing)


  • Interviewing prospective users
  • Usability lab work
  • Storyboarding
  • Focus group testing
  • Early stage wireframing and prototyping


  • Product market fit document
  • UX Recommendation Overview


  • Video and audio recordings
    of interviews or labs
  • UX Audits

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