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A digital solution for Central Virginia's public transit system

Responsive Design

Working closely with the GRTC marketing team, we started with a homepage and interior page design they provided for the desktop view. From there, we adapted the design for today's plethora of screen sizes by mocking up new views for mobile, tablet and the desktop. The result is one site that responds instantly to any screen size. On mobile devices, the menu collapses to a menu button, and certain content gets reduced or hidden completely.

Responsive Website GRTC

Fresh Content with ExpressionEngine

Like most large organizations, GRTC makes regular updates to their website content. After reviewing their existing site content, and discussing how they wanted the new site to work, we knew it would be a great fit for ExpressionEngine. From static pages of text, to GoCard Vendor locations, everything can be updated by the GRTC marketing team on a day-to-day basis, without contacting an outside vendor or the IT department.



ADA Compliance

GRTC provides transportation for everyone and it was critical that their new website work for as many people as possible - even those with visual disabilities. We built the site to be accessible to screen readers, and made sure the visual design had extra contrast. The end result is a clean look to the average user, but text that is still easy to read even if you don't have 20/20 vision.

Easy Alerts

When inclement weather hits, GRTC operates all bus lines until it becomes unsafe for passengers. We added an easy alert system into the site so GRTC staff could quickly post important updates when needed. When they're not in use, they're hidden from the site completely.



Custom Responsive Slideshow

GRTC had a very specific design for their homepage slider. It worked well on their old site but it wasn't responsive. We rebuilt the slider to make it respond to all screens, and worked closely with their marketing team to make sure their exact design specifications were met.

Find GoCards on the Go

In order to get on the bus, you need a GoCard. The old GRTC website had a GoCard locator, but it was difficult to update when vendor locations changed. It also didn't work well on mobile devices. We used OpenStreetMap in combination with leaflet.js to display GoCard locations on a responsive map that matched the GRTC branding. GRTC staff can update the GoCard vendor locations on the fly through ExpressionEngine.



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