GRTC hired Left + Right In an initiative to improve the overall user experience while also better enable staff to more intuitively update content in their application.  



Working closely with the GRTC marketing team, L+R developed a design and development strategy that would enable easy updates to their system, allow for responsive design across all platforms, and create an overall improved user experience.  



The Left + Right design team created new homepage and interior page designs.  The new designs improved the desktop experience while also optimizing the rendering for devices of varied screen sizes – mobile, tablet etc.  Lastly, the menu was designed to collapse to a menu button, and certain content was reduced or hidden completely to facilitate a more intuitive user experience.



The Left +Right dev team leveraged ExpressionEngine to make it easy for the GRTC marketing team to update their website content (from static pages of text to GoCard Vendor locations). The GRTC website was built to be accessible to screen readers, with extra contrast for the seeing impaired.  Lastly, Left + Right engineers used OpenStreetMap in combination with leaflet.js to display GoCard locations on a responsive map that matched the GRTC branding. With the work completed, the GRTC staff was able to easily update the GoCard vendor locations on the fly through ExpressionEngine.

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