Community Bankers’ Bank

A new website for a banker’s bank.



Who knew that banks had their own banks? Community Bankers’ Bank is a cooperative owned and operated by a group of community banks. Their sole purpose is to help community banks stay competitive in the increasingly challenging banking industry. They needed a new marketing website and a separate, easy-to-use client portal to distribute information to their members.



We used their existing logo and brand guidelines and created static mockups of the new website in both mobile and desktop views. This gave CBB the opportunity to visualize (and cost-efffectively change) the new site before we dove into the full development process.



As with many of our websites, we used WordPress for the new CBB website. This ensured we could quickly train their staff to handle day-to-day content changes. We also developed a custom Client Portal that easily allowed them to control access to members-only information.



Since the launch of the new website, we continue to support Community Bankers’ Bank with hosting, support, and ongoing maintenance. We’ve trained the CBB team to make most of the day-to-day changes, but we also provide ongoing support—everything from answering questions to jumping in and helping with more complex updates. This ongoing partnership ensures the website can grow without losing the professional look from launch day.

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