Luft Beds

The largest private mattress manufacturer in the U.S. needed help taking a new mattress direct to consumers.

In partnership with Yogg.



Today, people prefer to buy things online and avoid big showrooms with pushy salesmen, and buying a mattress is no exception. As a result, the mattress industry is experiencing a big shift. Traditionally a manufacturer and wholesaler, our client knows they need to evolve and sell their great products directly to consumers. They had a website that wasn’t performing well and was too difficult to update. Their marketing efforts were shifting as they experimented with the best way to get their product in front of the right consumers at the right time and the website simply couldn’t keep up. They gave us 2 weeks to redesign and rebuild the site in a way that would give them the flexibility they needed.



The existing website used the Shopify platform and, with a limited timeframe, it didn’t make sense to move to a new eCommerce system. We crafted a new design with our friends at Yogg who created beautiful custom illustrations and icons. The new designs were completed in just one week and the second week was used to stage and test the new designs in Shopify. The goal was not to deliver a final design that never changed but to build a system that was easy to update and evolve with a quickly changing market and weekly shifts in marketing strategies.



The underlying design used a pre-built Shopify template to save on development and testing time (and because we had an initial 2-week deadline). But, it was heavily customized from the beginning to match the Luft brand and ensure a completely unique shopping experience.

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