Trilogy Mentors Website and UI/UX Design

This Richmond, Virginia-based start-up is helping tutors and tutor companies grow, supported by L+R.



Like most start-ups, Trilogy Mentors is in overdrive. They were originally a tutoring company but pivoted to a SaaS company that provides a software solution for freelance tutors and tutoring companies. Since the pivot, the pandemic has only increased what was already a fast-growing demand for their custom online tutoring software. Our job: create a new website to help them communicate their mission and all the great features of their software.



We designed a custom WordPress website that gave Trilogy a fresh and more professional look. And because their tutor management software was changing quickly, we opted to design UI illustrations instead of using screenshots. This shows the software’s extensive functionality without creating a website maintenance nightmare that would require updates for every software release.



Trilogy Mentors wasn’t quite ready to re-brand, but we still wanted to explore what the logo might look like once the company fully transitioned from a tutoring company to a modern technology company. They haven’t adopted a new look yet, but we still think it’s worth showing off our ideas:

Trilogy Mentors logo concepts



As with most of our clients, we didn’t part ways with Trilogy after the first project. We continue to provide ongoing maintenance and support for the marketing website, and are deeply involved in their software product development. We’re also consulting on a range of things from product management to marketing strategy and UI/UX design.

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