Byte Back

This non-profit is providing pathways to a better life – supported by a website we designed and developed.



Byte Back is based in Washington D.C. and they’re taking on some big issues: digital inequality, diversity in technology, and the growing wage gap. The new website needs to serve a wide range of audiences: beginner computer users, more advanced students, employer partners, volunteers, donors, and more. Each of these groups has different skills and needs. To serve each group we divided the majority of content into 4 groups: Apply (for future students), Hire (for employer partners), Get Involved (for volunteers), and Donate. A smaller sub-menu provides links to other information that doesn’t require immediate action. Despite having a wealth of content, the site navigation is simple and prevents users from being overwhelmed.



All of our design projects start with research. We have to know the individual users and understand their unique needs to create a successful website experience. We held one-on-one interviews with students, board members, staff, donors, and employer partners. These conversations helped us better understand what each group needed with the new website. We also distributed a survey and reviewed previous research findings.

We used what we learned, and put together a series of static mockups to present to Byte Back. These mockups were reviewed and revised with input from staff and various users before we started building the website.



The Byte Back team was already comfortable with WordPress as their main CMS, so we were happy to keep the latest version of WordPress in use for the new website. We added one of our favorite plugins – the Divi Builder – to help cut down on development time and make ongoing edits easier for the Byte Back team.

We also trained their staff on best practices when making content changes, and continue to work with them to help maintain the website when they need an extra level of expertise or simply need some extra hands.


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