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Prescription Order Management Web Application Design & Development

The non-profit RxPartnership works to increase access to medication for Virginia’s vulnerable populations. As part of their mission, they solicit donated pharmaceuticals from 6 large manufacturers and distribute those donated drugs to free clinics throughout the state of Virginia. After nearly 10 years of use, their existing order management software became outdated and difficult to scale to new clinics, so RxPartnership hired us to help design and build a new system from the ground up.

Port Rx P 1

Web Application Research & Discovery

Software of this size and complexity doesn't come together without research, planning and discovery. Before any visual designs were created, we started by visiting the free clinics and talking with the pharmacists directly. We used our findings to create a list of user stories and features to better define the scope of the application.

Rx Partnership Planning Spreadsheet

Responsive User Interface Design

After the discovery phase, we went to work on the design. Responsive web applications allow users to enjoy the same user-experience on their mobile device that they already enjoy on their desktop. While mobile screens seem to be getting bigger each year, they are still relatively compact. This forces us to think and design in the simplest way. To accomplish a user-friendly interface on such a small device, we focus the attention on the most important content first, with calls-to-action and links to where you need to go. Then we hide any unnecessary content and make navigation menus readily available.

Port Rx P 2

Custom Elements & Branding

A custom web application calls for custom icons and graphics. To save time, we started with stock icons, but we didn't have all the icons we needed. Custom icons were created to ensure that the main navigation communicated quickly, clearly and beautifully. We also took the time to clean up the Rx Partnership logo, and make it fit seamlessly into the application.

Port Rx P 3 Icons

Web Application Design

Most of the main screens were planned and designed before any significant code was written. This ensures not only a beautiful look, but also a better overall user experience. 

Port Rx P 4
Port Rx P 5
Port Rx P 7

Rx P Code Screenshot

Rails in the Back & Materialize CSS in the Front

Our development team used one of our favorite frameworks, Ruby on Rails 5 on the backend. On the front end they made use of Materialize CSS but customized it to fit the Rx Partnership brand and get the final look we wanted.

The Rx Reporting Solutions Application is currently in the final stage of testing with plans to go live at 20 affiliated clinics in early 2017. Click the button below to go the login screen, or if you'd like to see more of application, just get in touch.

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